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33-Piece Sketching Art Supplies Set


Be an Artist

You can let your ideas and dreams come to life. There is something deep, and profound that can only be seen through sketching, shading and drawing on heavyweight sketch paper.


12 pcs pencil (8H-5H) | 1 pc Vinyl eraser |1 Kneaded eraser| 1 Sandpaper Block | 2 pcs sharpeners | 3 pcs Tortillon | 2 pcs Stump | 1 art knife| 1 pencil extender | 1 pcs 100 sheets 9x12" sketch pad


Practice Makes Perfect

Glokers Art sketching pencils allow you to practice many different artistic techniques such as contouring, shading, drawing 3D objects, and many more. The pack of 12 drawing pencils comes in many sizes.


A Pencil and a Dream Can Take You Anywhere

We don’t always need a splash of color to make something remarkable. Sometimes it’s the simple monochrome drawing that captures the hearts of viewers and takes their breath away.


Whether you are at the beginning of your art journey or somewhere further along,

you can practice drawing, sketching, smudging and contouring with all the different sized pencils. Your sketch pad can be something personal that only you look at, or it may be the beginning of a world-famous art exhibition

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