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Complete Set of 30 Art Paint Brushes

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Are you looking for kid-friendly arts and crafts supplies to pick up for your home or the classroom?

Have you tried other kids paint sets in the past but found out that they broke or were only suitable for one use?

Presenting Glokers Complete Set of 30 Art Paint Brushes for Kids!

Painting is a fantastic activity that stimulates your child development. They use their visual skills to apply the different colors to paper, cardboard or wood, and their cognitive skills to decide which colors can be mixed together. This variety pack of paint brushes will help your child tap into their creativity and imagination (paints are not included). Fun and Educational! Enjoy bonding with your kids as you create, and paint pictures of anything and everything that comes to mind. For little kids, their abstract artwork might not look like much, but as they paint, both sides of the brain are engaged, strengthening the connection between the two hemispheres.

What’s in The Pack:

🖌️ 30 Assorted Paintbrushes: Nylon, bristle, sponge and camel hair brushes for most media

🖌️ 3 x round paint brush

🖌️ 4 x chip paint brush

🖌️ 8 x kids paint brush

🖌️ 4 x detail paint brush

🖌️ 3 x flat paint brush

🖌️ 4 x foam sponge paint brush

General Features:

🎨 Premium Washable Quality - Brushes are very easy to clean with soap and water

🎨 Educational - Painting helps teach children to recognize colors and to mix secondary colors

🎨 Color Coded - Handles are color-coded to help teach color recognition

🎨 Suitable For - From beginners to art students and advanced artists alike

Why Buy from Us?

When you buy from Glokers, you are not only getting a high-quality product; you are also getting satisfaction, dedication, and top of the line customer service. A support team is ready to answer any of your product/order questions or concerns

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