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Crochet Hooks & Tools Set

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➥ Are you a crocheting beginner or more advanced hobbyist, and are looking for a high-quality crochet kit equipped with all the tools needed to create something extraordinary?

➥ Have you purchased similar sets in the past but found the crochet accessories included did not live up to expectations and were a hassle to use?

Today is your lucky day, Presenting Glokers Upgraded Crochet Hook Set!

We love crochet and knitting but found that nearly all of the kits on the market did not work as they said they would.
The crochet hooks were rough and uncomfortable to hold,
the needles caused slips and snags, and the tools made crocheting a real pain, literally and figuratively.

Our goal was to create a set that all crochet enthusiasts would enjoy using.
Through rigorous testing and lots of trial and error, this set was finally born.
Whether you’re an advanced practitioner or total newbie, we’re confident you’ll love this kit as much as we do.


Here’s Whats Included In Every Kit:

➡️ (9) Crochet Hooks - 2mm (B) up to 6mm (J)
➡️ (3) Large Plastic Sewing Needles
➡️ (3) Small Plastic Sewing Needles
➡️ (2) Stitch Holders (Large & Small)
➡️ (10) Locking Stitch Markers
➡️ (1) Gauge Measuring Ruler
➡️ (1) Measuring Tape
➡️ (1) Crochet Yarn Scissors
➡️ (1) Row Counter


Keep All Your Crochet Tools Neat & Organized

Included with every order is a chic zip-up storage case.
This case has a compartment to store all of your crafting supplies, so they never go missing.
It’s also excellent for crafters that like to work on their project when they’re away from home.

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