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Mini 3.5 Inch Glass Bowls 4 oz Capacity - 24 Pack

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These 3.5 inch Mini Glass Bowls are the best additions to your kitchen gadgets!

Composed of sturdy glass that won't break quickly, you can't go wrong with this Bulk 24 pack! They will serve lots of purposes ranging from aiding in your kitchen preparations to hosting your friends for some chocolate or dessert.

And whenever you're in the mood of serving or eating some crackers and dips, just grab some bowls and fill'em up!

Serving Numerous Purposes

Buying a pack of these will be very helpful around the house, as the amount of functions it can serve is endless. Just use your imagination and you won't regret it!


BULK PACK - Containing 24 pieces per set, it will make your meal preparation so much easier by being able to clearly keep track of all ingredients at once.

CLEAR BOWLS - This is the best aspect yet, as it allows you to see exactly what you put into each bowl, avoiding confusion.


MULTIPURPOSE - This perfectly sized 4 oz. capacity mini bowls are not only great for measuring ingredients while cooking or baking, but can also serve as individual candy/nut dishes to put out for your guests, or to serve dessert at home or at an event.

HANDY - Each bowl fits into your palm for convenient usage, and also stacks into the next one neatly, enabling uncluttered & orderly storage.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Be rest assured that if you're are not completely happy with your purchase, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Your Satisfaction is Our Priority!




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