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Sketch Pad Book - 2 Pad Set


Doodle, Draw, Design – This artist’s sketch pad will convert your imaginations into a reality!

An artist with a blank sheet of paper can let their imaginations run free.

Illustrations, graphic journaling, scrapbooking, calligraphy, sketching and shading the artistic expressions are simply endless!

This sketch pad will be loved by both professional artists and hobbyists alike, even young children will love the sketchbook. Who knows your child may go on to win art awards, competitions and become a famous artist or designer one day. All you need to get started is one sketchpad! 

Features & Specifications:

100 Sheets – Enough blank papers to fill up with doodles, drawings and more.

Medium Weight - The fine-tooth surface is perfect for classroom experimentation, practice of techniques, and quick studies with dry media.

Acid Free – The neutral PH of the paper ensure no yellowing and will help your art work last for a long time.

Spiral Bound – The ring bound pad is fun to flip through. Great for children or artists who like to go back and work on a piece of artwork that was never finished.

Chipboard Backing – Makes it extra strong, sturdy and durable. The hard surface is ideal to work on with colored pencils, graphite and even fineline markers.

Micro Perforated – You can tear out the sheets for framing or throwing away. Display your artwork or store in your portfolio for a later date.

The medium weight paper with a fine- tooth surface is ideal for all kinds of dry media!

Try your hand with colored pencils, oil pastels, charcoal, graphite pencils, chalk, or even some pens and fineline markers may work well too.

A Pencil, a Sketchpad and a Dream can Take you Anywhere!

Fill up each page with something new or create a series of drawings that connect and tell a story.

Watch as your artwork slowly takes shape into something truly spectacular.

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